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Variable Universal Life (VUL)

What is it?

A private placement life insurance policy that offers high life cover with embedded premium financing.

The policy provides premium financing internally (embedded inside the policy investment).

Applications for Variable Universal Life Program:
  • Estate planning / Wealth transfer since the policy offers high life cover

  • Key Man and other executive level life insurance plans

What makes this product better
  • There is no need to open a bank account to receive financing as it is automatically given on purchase

  • There are no interest payments to be made on the financing

  • No margin call on the financing arrangement

  • The policy has high cash values to give the purchaser flexibility if their circumstances change

  • The policy and the financing investment has provisions for liquidity

  • The purchaser also has the ability to withdraw capital from the policy in later years

  • The policy asset is managed by an asset manager with 128 billion USD under management

  • The policy premium financing is provided by an S&P A-Rated International Investment bank

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