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Every individual has a need to purchase insurance during his or her lifetime. There can be many reasons for this purchase however the decision to purchase life insurance is a very important one. We believe that traditional life insurance products weren't serving their most valuable clients. We started Red Gate Elite to create products and services for affluent clients that deliver real value.


Our team believes that no one insurance policy suits all needs especially for affluent clients.  Red Gate Elite acts on your behalf as the “Architects” to creating the life policy that best suits you and your family needs.  


We offer  an open architecture platform that enables you to have a choice of insurance companies, reinsurance companies and asset managers that bring you the perfect solution.

Insurance architects and designers

We are not an insurance company and as such we have the unique ability, as an independent company to produce a life insurance policy that suits your needs by bringing together various insurance carriers, investment structures, and other services providers that addresses your specific needs. 

The founders of Red Gate Elite have over a 100 years of insurance, legal, tax, banking and asset management experience that we bring to bear for you and your family. As a result, for example, Red Gate Elite VUL offers you the highest levels of life cover in the market at the most cost efficient pricing.   



Red Gate Elite was founded and registered in 2015 in Nevis, West Indies. The company has recently re-domiciled to the Isle of Man in 2016 in recognition as the region being a global hub for insurance issuers. 

Red Gate Elite was formed by a group of senior industry professionals who have spent their professional lives developing solution driven results for their clients. This partnership believes that there is a significant gap in the insurance market for high net worth individuals to structure the most relevant insurance program for their needs.   By utilizing our collective professional experiences in the insurance industry, we are able to provide better insurance products tailored specifically to a policy purchasers needs.​

​Red Gate Elite is a business to business (B2B) life insurance structuring group that primarily focuses its business on the Asian and Latin America life insurance markets and deals with some of the largest and most respected wealth managers, tax advisors and insurance brokers in those regions.

Red Gate Elite is acknowledged as the premier provider of premium financed universal life products globally. Premium financing for insurance products has become more difficult to secure over the last 10 years. We are able to produce a policy that has embedded financing to enable high net worth individuals to secure higher life cover without having to take out a loan from a bank.


Red Gate Elite premium financing technology ensures that purchasers receive:


  • Increased life cover

  • Access to institutional asset management

  • Embedded financing without having to take out a bank loan or encumbering existing assets

  • No margin calls on the portfolio

  • No interest payments for the maturity of the policy

Red Gate Elite is also active in the captive insurance market for corporates as well as annuity issuances.

We believe that traditional life insurance products weren't serving their most valuable clients, and we started Red Gate Elite to create life and annuity products and services for affluent clients that deliver on their particular needs. 

Red Gate Elite’s mission is to bring an institutional level product and pricing to high net worth individuals/affluent life insurance market. 

Our Mission

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