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Structure Flexibility

Red Gate Elite is a global consultancy and design/structuring company that uses open architecture to pull together the most flexible and economically favorable solution for a client.  

As an example of how our open architecture approach, paired with our broad financial experience, can benefit our clients: - based on our market research, the Red Gate Elite VUL policy can offer clients the best economic benefits when compared to other leading provider of UL policies; including the highest client premium to life cover ratios, the best cash surrender values, as well as some of the shortest periods for the cash surrender value to exceed the original client contribution. 

If the minimum life cover option is selected then this policy offers an enhanced investment structure which is unmatched by any of the global insurance providers.

Furthermore, our Red Gate Elite Investment Linked Policy is able to accommodate almost any type of asset, where we are able to obtain independent valuations on a regular basis, including real estate, art, bloodstock and other esoteric investments.  

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