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Elite Solutions

Red Gate Elite was established to provide international high net worth individuals and corporate clients with access to insurance and estate planning tools designed to specifically address the challenges facing them in an increasingly regulated and complex environment.

Together, the Principals of Red Gate Elite have over 100 years of experience in the insurance, legal, investment banking, and asset management professions. Red Gate Elite use their breadth and depth of experience to design and personalise solutions, while partnering with some of the worlds’ leading Banking, Insurance, Trust and Estate planning individuals and organisations to create truly innovative, market leading and indeed “market changing” solutions.

There are many insurance solutions for high net worth individuals, families and corporates, available in the domestic and global insurance marketplace, but Red Gate Elite firmly believes that “off-the-shelf” products may not meet the needs of  affluent high net worth and corporate clients.  

Red Gate Elite works by creating proprietary and exclusive insurance products with highly reputable international carriers and other financial services companies for their clients.  We firmly believe that our clients deserve custom tailored solutions which we structure to best fit their specific requirements.  

Our team believes in  offering  unique  programs  and products that deliver real value to clients.  One such innovative product is Red Gate Elite Variable Universal Life program which gives individuals access to a unique embedded premium financing solution. This enables higher life cover for estate planning purchases and also means that purchasers do not have to face the additional burden take out a loan and have their assets encumbered to do so. 

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