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Better Policy Economics

Better policy economics is one of the elite solutions that we are proud to be able to offer to you. It is achieved through the number of options that benefit our clients. 

Premium Financing:

The Variable Universal Life Program uses embedded financing and a purchaser does not need to take out a bank loan or pay annual interest rates to receive this financing. 

Higher Life Cover​:

enables the purchaser to receive the highest available life cover in the market for the amount of premium paid. 

Less Fees:

The day one cash value of the policy includes the financing cost and the interest costs for the duration of the policy. Even with these charges the cash surrender value is one of the highest in the market. 

Higher Performing Policy:

The policy does not provide for capped guaranteed or non-guaranteed annual interest rates. Instead the assets of the policy are invested by a global asset manager giving purchaser access to risk managed allocations to capital markets. The returns are not capped and purchasers enjoy 200% of the investment returns of the portfolio. 

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