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Catering to Your Needs

All Red Gate Elite products are designed to cover specific client's needs. Please note that one product can suit multiple needs as well as multiple products can be suitable for what you are looking for. 

Tax Planning

In many jurisdictions the proceeds of life cover are not taxable as part of the succession of the purchasers estate. 

If you are looking for the tax efficient environment, Red Gate Elite will be happy to find the best solution for you.

Wealth Protection

Asset protection is important to those who have accumulated wealth over their lifetime. Red Gate Elite offers safety and risk management to those who are seeking wealth protection. 

Estate Planning

Red Gate Elite has the experience to structure cross border insurance so that your estate benefits from the most efficient estate planning available in the market.

Life Insurance

Policies that offer high levels of life cover are an important component of tax, wealth and inheritance planning for high net worth individuals. 

Consolidating Segregated Assets

We offer an open architecture investment platform where purchasers have the ability to consolidate existing assets within the policy. This can be stocks, bonds, property, funds etc. 

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