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Investment Linked Life Program (ILP)

What is it?

A Private Placement Life Insurance policy that combines both investment and life protection.

A low-cost life insurance policy that grows with the policy investment.

Offers an investment linked policy where life is cover is always $250k USD more than the policy’s cash value (policy investment).

Additionally, the policy provides premium financing internally (embedded inside the policy investment).

Applications for Investment Linked Life Program:
  • An alternative savings/investment plan with premium financing for individuals and corporations

What makes this product better: 
  • There is no need to open a bank account to receive financing as it is automatically given on purchase

  • There are no interest payments to be made on the financing

  • No margin call on the financing arrangement

  • The policy and the financing investment has provisions for immediate liquidity

  • The policy account is managed by an asset manager with 128 billion USD under management.

  • The policy is financed by an S&P A-Rated Investment bank

  • Withdrawals and loans can be facilitated through the policy

  • There is no need to undertake a medical examination to purchase the policy

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