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Products and Services

International private placement life insurance (PPLI) is a privately negotiated life insurance contract between an international insurance carrier and policy owner. PPLI offers several advantages compared to standard policies. Policy funds are held in segregated accounts that protect the funds against the carrier’s creditors. PPLI enables a wider range of investment opportunities managed by a professional investment adviser selected by the policy owner. Finally, policy costs are transparent, negotiable and typically lower than off-the-shelf insurance products.  An alternative to PPLI is a foreign deferred variable annuity which offers the same benefits of a PPLI but in a form of an annuity.

Red Gate International can assist the client and their advisors to navigate the international insurance markets and develop a custom life insurance or annuity solution.  We assist clients with:


  • Introduction to a group of highly regarded international carriers

  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of the insurance contract

  • Assist with reinsurance arrangements

  • Introdution to a number of banking and trust companies

  • Assist with premium financing arrangement

  • Access to innovative insurance eligible investment funds

Practice Areas
  • Tax Mitigation

  • ​Estate Planning

  • Expatriate Executives

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