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Application Process

Application process may slightly vary depending on the product and the provider.

1. Required documents

The purchaser will have to fill out an application form with their advisor. If there is a trust involved then the trust application form will also have to be filled in.


If there is third party underwriting on the policy then the purchaser will have to undertake a medical which Red Gate Elite will arrange with the purchaser’s advisor

2. Application forms

Please get your advisor to contact Red Gate Elite for more information.

3. Medical exams

In case when it necessary. Your broker will provide you with the list of accepted medical facilities. Usually medical exams include, full blood test, stress test etc.

4. Customization

Red Gate Elite will work with you and your advisor throughout the application process ensuring that your submission has the best chance for you of achieving the life cover you desire. 

5. Application

Once the application forms are complete your application is submitted to the insurance company and where third party underwriting is involved it will take a minimum of three days to inform you of the life cover granted. 

6. Issuing the policy

On  the acceptance of the application, the policy will be issued to you within three working days. 

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