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Elite insurance solutions for international clients

Red Gate Elite


- an international consultancy firm specializing in developing custom international life insurance programs for our clients.

Red Gate Elite offers a unique set of services to assist our clients to meet their financial goals.  We can:


  • Build and Price Private Placement Life Insurance Policies

  • Procure Innovative Investment Funds and Structure

  • Procure Reinsurance Arrangements

  • Provide Ongoing Policy Administration Services

Red Gate Elite serves as an independent “architect” to design and create life and annuity policies that best suit needs of the affluent client.  Our open architecture platform enables the wealth advisor and their client to have a choice of insurance companies, reinsurance companies and asset managers to find their ideal solution. 

Using truly elite solutions we bring to our clients a range of Luxury Insurance Products, that are specially designed to cater to the clients' needs

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